"My father has fished with Jeremy for more than a decade and persuaded me to join them for a Father's Day week of fishing three years ago.  I was a complete flyfishing novice and Jeremy had me catching trout within the first 15 minutes on the river.  Since then, we have had three Father's Day fishing trips, each better than the previous one.  The latest trip on the Missouri River was like something out of a fishing travelogue:  many fat healthy brown trout and rainbows over 20 ", with the occasional under-the-bridge whitefish thrown in.  I believe that the most robust rainbow came in at 6 1/2 pounds. Every day we had numerous doubles, and I don't believe that we had a day where the combined fish count dipped below 20.  Jeremy is attentive to all insect activity around us and notes what the fish we caught were feeding upon.  He changes up the sizes and colors of top and bottom fly until we hit the winning combination.  Jeremy often rows us back up the
 river to refish productive water, and has an encyclopedic memory of which flies worked in the various sections of the river, even from trips several years ago.  He is also quick to make sure we each have a cold beer opened at the opportune time during afternoon fishing.  He has a wry sense of humor and plenty of patience.  We will definitely be rebooking for next year."

                                                                         -Tracey Vangolen

"My trips on the Bighorn with Jeremy are among the best fishing days of my life - and I've fished a lot and in many places.  I've never fished with such a hard working guide.  The extra effort is part of his DNA I
 suspect. I remember once, fishing with my son, with drifted through a run, and caught a nice trout.  'Let's try that again,'  he said, and rowed back upstream.  We caught another, and back he went up stream.
 'Let's do this until we don't catch one,' was the next comment.  That explains it all.  Add to that a great knowledge of the river, bugs and casting, throw in a great guy, and you've got Jeremy.  I kept singing
 songs, he joined in finally.  I'm trying to convince him that 'Jeremy, the Singing Guide,' would be a great marketing tool.  He's doubtful.
                                          -Dave Smethurst (A.K.A The Most Interesting Man in the World)

"If you are looking for the ultimate fly fishing experience on the Big Horn River, look no further than Jeremy Gilbertson of Big Sky Flyfishers. Jeremy knows how to help you find and catch large trout. He possesses an amazing blend of professionalism and down home hospitality that is unmatched by any other river quide that I have ever encountered. How can you top hot stew on the river on a cold, snowy day, plus several fish in the 22 inch class? My brothers and I won't hesitate to book another trip with Jeremy."
                                                                      - Ron Hull

"I get to fish the Yellowstone and Bighorn quite a bit and my best trips are always with Jeremy.  He's a great fisherman and a good guy to spend a day in a boat with.  It's easy to see that his highest priority is to please his clients.  I've been with guides that make the fisherman adjust to their style but that's not the case with Jeremy.  He's willing to spend all day patiently working with beginners or rowing his boat hard and long to get a better fisherman on to some challenging fish or anything in between.  I'm constantly looking forward to my next day on the river with him."

                                                                      -Scott Kanning

"Big Sky Fly Fishers is an essential part of our annual fishing trip. We hit the river confident that we will spend the day with a skilled and personable guide who knows where, when, and how to catch big fish. Jeremy’s abilities as a guide are evident in his understanding of the river, his patience when showing my Dad the same cast as the year before, his tolerance when teaching me the same cast he taught me before lunch, and his ability to keep a straight face when he reminds us that “downstream mend” is towards the front of the boat. We are still talking about the fish we caught on our last trip and look forward to next year."

                                                                       -Nathan Elliot

"Our fly fishing experience was a blast! Jeremy Gilbertson was a very gracious host. His knowledge and patience made the experience well worth the frustration of being a first-time fly fisherman. Through coaching and advise, we were able to have a relaxing, yet eventful day. Jeremy allowed us to learn at our own pace, indivualizing his instruction per person to help us come up the curve. If you are looking for a unique fly fishing experience, I highly recommend his services."

                                                                      -Nick Rogness

"I have fished for rainbows in Alaska, red fish in Florida and muskies in Wisconsin, but none of those trips were as successful as my last two guided trips down the Big Horn with Jeremy Gilbertson. 20 inch fish after 20 inch fish all day long. I thought the first trip was fluke, the 2nd trip proved otherwise. I wouldn't recommend anyone else if you have desire to fish the Big Horn."

                                                                      -Jason Kelly

We look forward to hearing from all of our past customers.  If you would like to share your testimonial, please send an e-mail to Jeremy Gilbertson.